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May 6th, 2011

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A New Semester: Meeting Thursday, September 3

August 30th, 2009


This semester will be our first full semester as a club at Cornell, and we’ll be holding our first meeting this Thursday, September 3, at 4:45 PM in Risley Hall, where we held it last year. A few news items to ponder, which we’ll probably discuss at the meeting:

If you’re new and are wondering what we’re about, check out the national website, and some interesting wikipedia articles.  For a brief summary, though, we want to see information, artwork and culture spread more easily.  We want to encourage the the use of copyleft licenses in artwork and literature, open-access journals with the ultimate goal of increasing the public’s access to knowledge

See the wiki for more meeting details.

Inaugural Meeting: 2/3 4:56pm @ risley

February 1st, 2009


+ + + + + STUDENTS FOR FREE CULTURE + + + + +
creativity and innovation * communication and free expression * public access to knowledge * citizens’ civil liberties

.  musician
.  lawyer
.  hacker
.  policymaker
.  artist
.  writer

+ + + + + INAUGURAL MEETING + + + + +
4:56 at

.  introductions
.  what is a free culture?
.  what is cornell students for free culture?
.  what to do this semester? (girltalk / microgoogle email / creative commons projects on campus / ???)
.  SCREENING: “Good Copy, Bad Copy”
.  dinner?